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Wireless MP3 Lossless Decoder Board Wireless 4.2 Audio Stereo Receiver Module 3.7 -5V 5W+5W XY-BT5W Amplifier Board

৳ 345

1500W Dc-Dc Step-Up Boost Converter 10-60V To 12-90V 30A Constant Current Module Led Driver Voltage Power Converter

৳ 2,350 ৳ 1,750

Switch Liquid Controller, -10℃~80℃ Water Level Sensor Vertical Mounting Plastic Ball Float Switch for Pump Liquid Controller Fish Tank Water Liquid Control

৳ 160

10pcs Crocodile Clips Test Leads in 5 Colors Each Wire Length 50CM

৳ 690 ৳ 480

Dc 5v-12v 120w mini zvs induction heating power module tesla

৳ 880 ৳ 700

XH-M602 Digital LED CNC Lithium Battery Charging Charge Control Power Supply Module Switch Protection Board 3.7-120V

৳ 880 ৳ 645

5A Max Step-Down Buck Charging Board XL4015 ADJ Lithium Battery Charger Converter Module DC-DC 0.8-30V To 5-32V 5A Step Down CC

৳ 240

DC-DC Step up Booster Power supply Converter Module Boost Board Voltage Converter dc-dc Boost Transformers Module

৳ 345

Double Sided Tape Foam Mounting Tape with Weight Holding Capacity

৳ 200

M28 bluetooth 4.2 Audio Receiver Module With 3.5mm Audio Interface Lossless Car Speaker Headphone Amplifier Board Wireless Refit

৳ 220

M38 bluetooth 4.2 Audio Receiver Module 5W+5W Lossless Car Speaker Headphone Amplifier Board Wireless Refit

৳ 275

M18 bluetooth 4.2 Audio Receiver Module Lossless Car Speaker Headphone Amplifier Board Wireless Refit

৳ 145

high quality One set UNO R3 CH340G+MEGA328P Chip 16Mhz For Arduino UNO R3 Development board

৳ 360

300W XL4016 DC-DC Max 9A Step Down Buck Converter 5-40V To 1.2-35V Adjustable Power Supply Module LED Driver

৳ 390

MB102 Breadboard Power Supply Module Micro USB Interface 5V 3.3V Board 700mA MB-102 For Arduino

৳ 120

3S 40A Li-ion Lithium Battery Charger Protection Board PCB BMS

৳ 395

DC 3V 160mA 15RPM Geared Box Motor Plastic Tire Wheel Toy

৳ 280 ৳ 220

TPA3110 2X15W Digital Audio Stereo Amplifier Module Dual Channel 12V High Power Mini 100dB

৳ 200 ৳ 170

5V 12V Brushless DC Motor Driver Controller Board with Reverse Voltage Over Current Protection for Hard Drive Motor 3/4 Wire

৳ 780 ৳ 620

XL4016 PWM Adjustable 4-36V To 1.25-36V Step-Down Board Module Max 8A 200W DC-DC Step Down Buck Converter Power Supply

৳ 490 ৳ 365

SQ11 Mini Camera HD Night Vision 1080P Mini DV Black

৳ 1,200 ৳ 685

SQ12 Mini camera Waterproof 155 degree wide-angle lens HD 1080P Wide Angle SQ 12 MINI Camcorder DVR SQ12 Sport video camera

৳ 2,380 ৳ 1,680

DC 6.0V-32V QC2.0 QC3.0 USB Fast Charging Step Down Module Buck Power Converter

৳ 270 ৳ 240

Electric Drill Chuck 0.3-4mm Jt0 Taper Drill Collet Keyless Adapter + 5mm Motor Shaft with Wrench

৳ 690 ৳ 480